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Hi there! This is my mod blog, where I'll post my drawings and random stuff/reblogs c: Before you start asking, what happened to the Octavia ask blog, click on the 'What happened' button on the left.
Want to have your mind blown further? The female fox, Vixen, comes from ‘fox-hen’ and the vix from the accent that farmers in the west of England used to use to refer to them in.

Gosh…! That is… yep, you were right. My mind is blown up. And up. Up up up.

I was thinking about chickens today and realized that…

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rye-dimar-dragon said:Question, is the commissions limited to just ponies or can it be a dragon or something else?

Pretty much anything as long as you have a reference picture to it :)

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what would ya do if some random people would come to you and start threatening ya?

I would beat them up with my handbag, like an emancipated woman.

But I would need a handbag for that, lol :D 

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It's 11 at night! Go back to bed!

Nope it’s not. Nor it was (at least for me :D)

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